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Barked: Fri Oct 26, '12 1:47am PST 
Hi All,

This is my first post and I’m having to get used to having a lovely puppy I’m on my third day with her so I know things will get better but….

..Just a few questions if you could be so kind to help me ☺

1) My puppy crys and yaps all the time, I’ve taken her outside and she doesn’t need to ‘potty’ if I ignore her she will eventually quiet down which is okay in the day… but in the evening when I go upstairs to bed, I put her in a pen lined with training pads, with toys and her bed and water (downstairs). If I leave she will start to cry, I can only leave when she is fast asleep. Last night she woke me up from midnight and every hour after that. Any suggestions how I can help to sleep for most of the evening?
2) The breeder used to just leave food down for the puppies all the time which you can’t do if you try to poppy train. How can I get her to eat her food as soon as I put it down?

Many Thanks

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