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I'm sure this question has been answered by now but I just want to add my experience to help others figure out their own situation. My dog is likely a APBT mix, can't say for sure since I have not done her DNA yet, but that's what she looks most like. Some have said she looks like she has *GSD, wolf or lab in her. She weighs 50 lbs & when I found her at 6 weeks old, she only weighed 4 lbs, so, she had a lot of growing to do as a pup & she was a fast grower. Around 4 months, she went limp all over, got lethargic & wouldn't stand or move. She also had green snot coming from her nostrils & a bit from her eyes. It was very sudden, I took her to the vet immediately. I paid lots to rule out any disease it could be with all tests they offered. They could not give me a definite diagnosis after the xrays came back, but they could not rule out pano. I had her on Science Diet pup food & raw beef at the time. The vet was clueless in my opinion & their radiologist couldn't find anything to make a clear diagnosis, in my opinion, due to lack of experience. She told me to stop the raw & feed her adult Science Diet (imo because they sell it in their office & wanted to make more money off of their crap dog food) ONLY, & increase feedings to 4 times per day. Ridiculous, imo. I didn't trust her knowledge because I had been researching all week waiting for the inconclusive $500 xrays to come back. Through my research, I came to the conclusion that the commercial food I was adding to her raw beef is an inflammatory factor & for dogs who have a predisp. for pano, partially because it has a bunch of quasi-food additives in it. I went against the vet's advice & stopped the Science Diet crap, dumped the bags of it in the trash & kept her on strict raw with lots of rest. No walks til it went away. The symptoms started easing immediately. She was back to normal a week later. Never saw those symptoms again. Also, other raw feeders have claimed to have "cured" pano with taking away kibble & doing strict raw.

Fast forward to today. My Ginger is 2.5 years old exactly. She has been breaking into the garage (she knows how to open doors) when we're not home because she knows cat kibble is on the floor in there, & because I don't allow her to have kibble, it's like a big treat for her to get it & she loves it. Since she's been doing it a lot lately, her diet has been less pure than it usually is with my strict, raw only rules. The past few days she's been acting weird; lethargic, moody, & in pain. Hind legs are weak, cannot go up stairs without help or get on bed for sleep, keeps trying to hide under tables & curtains. I cannot prove that it's caused by the kibble in the diet, nor am I an expert of any kind, but based on her history, my personal experience with her symptoms at age 4 months, our results when removing the kibble, possibility of GSD (breed known to get pano) DNA & the current cat kibble factor, I would advise to steer clear of kibble if your dog has a history of pano, just my personal opinion based on our experience.

My solution to the cat kibble nabbing that is going on, since doggie can open doors; cat food will have to go in high place that she can't reach, to protect her from getting sick again. I will update with results!
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