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It is good to hear that other beagle owners have similar issues with outdoor leash behavior. Taner is like most beagles, loving, carefree, and loves other dogs. He goes into fits when he sees another dog while on walks. My wife and I read that beagles were very vocal and to try and nix the behavior we taught Taner to speak on command and to Howl on command, although sometimes he gets barking and howling confused he still gets a treat from mom or dad. Training him to speak on command has really curbed the amount of barking he does. When he sees another dog on walks he typically whimpers and pulls, but rarely barks/bays at the other canine. It has also decreased the amount of barking he does when left at home alone. I read this article about chasing and it makes sense, http://www.dog-secrets.co.uk/how-do-i-stop-my-dog-chasing/, It talks about using their DNA wiring to stop the behavior. I am starting this training and I can now get him to stay when the toy is thrown, but success is long off in the distance, hopefully this helps other embarrassed beagle owners.
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