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Barked: Wed Aug 29, '12 11:29am PST 
We have a new westie puppy. She was aquired at short notice from someone we knew and she needed a home quick.
I have always been frightened of dogs, but have wanted to get one as my children (&husband) have always wanted one.
The idea of a loving family dog to take on walks etc was always very apealing.
Anyway..... we have this pup.
We are currently using training mats which she doesnt always use and she bites often.
I realise that shes a pup and will grow out of it but im really worried that i may not be able to control her and the thought of being afraid in my own home for the next 15 years is really making me stressed. Also the thought that visitors may come and i wont be able to get her to do as i wish.
The more i read about the breed the more i worry she is not the one for us... however my family assure me that she is here to stay.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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