Rottweiler > is there any such thing in purebred rottweilers??


Did someone say- "squirrell"?!!
Barked: Mon Dec 3, '12 9:52pm PST 
i do think i read somewhere about genetic flaws and i do know that any markings of white on the rottweiler disqualifies them as a purebred to the AKC, however in all honesty i believe that the white patch is most likely a sign that maybe somewhere on the family tree there was a mutt thrown in there. i could be wrong but that is my theory. there is nothing wrong with mutts, i have one myself, the funny thing is he has a white patch on his chest as well...he is a rottweiler and a mastiff mix...i also have a purebred rottie and she is beautiful, no markings of white anywhere.
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