Behavior & Training > Ita Grey gets angry when getting out of bed


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Hi Sandy, Hi Lenny - Thank you for your replies.

I know that Iggys are generally hard to toilet train, but I think you really should not be resorting to wee-pads all the time! We had a hard time too, but now let me suggest something - We hung a small bell next to the back door at nose height. Then every few hours (at wee time) we walk (not carry) the dog to the door & say "pee-pee time" & make them ring the bell. Then open the door & let them out. Repeating "pee-pee time" while they are outside until they do their business. Then give some fuss & a treat when they did good.
Kubo took 1 DAY to get the hang of this, Mila took several weeks. So you will have to be patient probably, but i am sure it can work for you & its such a relief to be able to trust the dogs to let you know & your life will become easier.

About Night time: You MUST make them go out for a wee before bed! Make it part of the daily routine. Before long, they get into a habit & then you know what times of day they need to pee. Its never 100% perfect, but it does work. I was cleaning up wee every morning & now maybe only once every 2 weeks.

"Resource guarding" sounds kind of right to me. In fact now some other reasons pop into my mind. Although both dogs get on well, Mila (the younger girl dog) is very genki (energetic) - I suspect that Mila is "pack leader" in our house, despite our efforts to make both dogs lower than the humans.

When the 2 dogs play together, tug-o-war etc, Kubo will always release the rope & walk off first. Mila is younger, but he will always give up to her. My initial idea was that he is being gentle with the puppy. But now i suspect he is bullied by her.

In the house if i throw a toy, they both jump after it, but Mila is always the winner. Even if Kubo grabs it first, he will quickly let go. They do play tug-o-war together by themselves, but Kubo is never the winner :-(
Other times they rest together with necks entwined, they must be happy together right?

We try to give each dog their own time for play with us & together, i just find it hard to know who is boss & what to do - of course we are bug fans of Ceaser & his show, but its always easier on TV than IRL.
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Behavior & Training > Ita Grey gets angry when getting out of bed

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Hi There,

We have 2 Italian Greyhounds, Kubo is 2.5 years, Mila is 10 months.
They both get on well together & they are both generally very well behaved.

However, Kubo has a real issue with getting up off his bed when its time to go for a wee before we go to bed.

When we try to coax him off his bed he starts growling & snarling & I can tell this is not just general complaining, he is really getting angry & I almost wonder if he will bite me! His eyes become dilated 100% so they become totally black.
Once he is up on his feet he becomes normal again & will trot off to the door to go out.

Our solution at the moment is to get a treat & he will jump off his bed. Then he has no problem to go outside for a wee - its just the act of us pushing him off his bed that he gets mad about.

Should I even worry about this?

note: He can also display this behaviour if he has a bone & you try to take it off him. Normal foods, treats, biscuits etc are no problem, you can tell him to drop things & he will obey, i can take food off him too or mess with his bowl when he is eating, he does not mind - its just if its something very special like a pigs ear or proper big bone, he gets very defensive over it.
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Dog Health > Possible Seizures?


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Actually, re-reading your post, I'm now thinking this isn't a seizure. Definitely a weird reaction for the dog, but if it was a siezure I think it would be obvious to you.
Go get her checked out. Don't worry too much, the vet will help.
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Dog Health > Possible Seizures?


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It does kind of sound like a seizure, but when our dog had one there was a lot of obvious shaking & leg 'running', I guess it can manifest in different ways. The disorientation part sounds very much like an after-fit reaction. They often look very 'lost', shake, urinate with no control & generally appear 'out of it' for a few minutes after.
It can happen for no reason at all in dogs & may never happen again. No one knows why.

The vet can do a blood test & see if there is an imbalance that could cause a fit.
As I understand, in young dogs it can be common & have no real reason, our dog had one only & a year later nothing more. however, in older dogs it can be a sign of something more serious.

I would certainly go to the vet for a blood test, it might show an problem easily fixed with diet.
It could even be a temporary reaction to something eaten.

If it does turn out to be epilepsy, then it can be medicated. You should do research on the Internet about this because there a various opinions of owners & accepted vet medication which conflict about what is best.

Good luck & I hope it turns out to be something minor.
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Dog Health > Caring for stitches after spaying


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Hi there,
Our 6 month old Italian greyhound 'Mila' has been spayed 4 days ago.
The vet did the stomach incision type operation & she has 5 stitches.
The vet placed a large plaster (band aid) over the area & instructed us to remove it, carefully, with some warm water & soap applied around the edge of the plaster, after 4 days.
She said that the plaster only has sticky around the edge & over the actual stitches is another covering.

After removing the plaster the gauze over the stitches was half hanging off & actually fell off completely soon after. So now the dog has just exposed stitches.

Is this ok?

We have a cone & she wears this at any time we can't directly watch her. But I am slightly concerned that she can now scratch at the stitches using her back leg at night when we are not there to watch her.
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