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Hello everyone

I have a 2 yr old male Aussie that is showing signs of neurotic/ Agrresive behavior amongst other things and im at my witts end on what to do.

let me start off saying I am a accomplished trainer of many dogs I worked at a pet resort where my daily job was to re-direct bad behavior with positive reinforcment, my family over the years has bread german sheapherd's also I myself grew up with Chow chows all good family dogs no behavoir probelms out of any of them.

My 2 year old Austrailian sheaphed is a case that im having a hard time pin-pointing a prcise training method to fox these issues.

I got him from a shotty guy in Ronoake VA, it was decirbed to me that it was an oop's litter and a Male Aussie for 200$ sounded like a steal so i made the 8hr round trip to go get him he was a normal puppy, he did do the nipping at pants legs which I had planned for and corrected him accordingly and all went well until he was about 1 yr old he started getting agressive with some of the dogs at work and this is what puzzles me. it would make since that he chase after dogs that are running in order to herd them but this is not case he would pick out certain dogs and grab them any where he could and most of the time the dog he was picking on was just standing there, but sometime he would he would just try to jump and put his head on there shoulders wich i've seen this behavior before he was trying to be dominant.

not only that he has turned on me and my long time girlfriend who works with me for no reason, For example one after noon i was sitting at my desk just browsing the net he was laying on the floor behind when i went to get out of the chair he grabbed my right arm and bit down with full force ive been situations like this before in my job so i just went easy with him down to the floor and was able to get my arm back my girl firend was sitting on my bed reading she had to help me get control of him to get my arm back. he only ever did that once and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why... he has bitten family members and even children all un provoked attacks. I obviously don't encourage this in this slightest but I've looked for signs in him before he acts there's nothing,, he does growl and bark when someone enters our home which is to be expected but after he gets a sniff he just walks away and is fine with the person.

Also I've noticed him pulling his hair out around his haunches I've taking him to the vet several times and there never seems to be anything wrong wrong with him he doesn't have fleas or dry skin he just keeps ripping out hair, he also constantly licks his paws non stop when he's home. I recoginize this is neurotic behaviour

He does get a alot of excersize the place i work at is alos a daycare facility for dogs and he has several dog buds he plays with every day I work 12 hr days and he's out all day but because of his actions he can only play with cetain dogs, plus my and girl friend on a daily basis take him for 30-60 min walks and play fetch with him.

Recently he bit 2 friends of ours poeple that he is very familiar with and have been around him since he was a puppy, both time's he struck was very strange. he didn't look nervous or scared just walked up to them and they started to pet him and as soon as they took there hand of his head he lunged. I've never seen this behaviour before and Ultimately he may have to be put down. evyerone he has bitten has been close to our family and I don't want to end up with a lawasuit wich almost always leads to the dog being destroyed.

I've talked to a couple behaviorist that told me he very might be a lost cause I'm just not sure what to do i've never had a dog go after childern before. I'ts a very serious issue let me add he also was brought up around children I tried to expose him to everything so there would not be any suprises to him.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated I love my dog buy I also realize how dangerous he can be and don't want any one to get hurt or worse.

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Australian Shepherd > Stubborn 8 week aussie

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I just Picked up my blue merle male on the 5th and he's been great took right away to crate training and hasn't messed in the house once.. I did notice that he doesn't like be held for an extended period of time.. I'm a first time Aussie Owner and long time trainer...Currently working with several Aussie pups and none of them like to be picked up for very long, they have lots of love to give just don't prefer to be picked up while giving it. As far as the stubborness goes I think that varies with the personality, my little guy can be like that too but I've only had him 5 days and he's already crate trained, walking on a leash, learned how to sit and lie down. these dogs are incredibly smart...
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