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Dear Rescuers,

I have a rather sad situation on my hands.

My brother was caring care of my dog Huckleberry because I have mild cerebral palsy and have to take care of some ailments connected with that. (I'm well now.) While my brother was driving from Oregon to my home in Northern New Jersey, he got in some trouble in Utah and was detained. His roommate was detained also. They will be detained several months, if not more.

My dog, Huckleberry (a 30- pound black and white Lab/Dachshund Mix) and my brother's room mate's dog, a sweet red nosed Pit bull Terrier were taken to West Wendover Animal Control (where they generally put the animals to sleep after three days.) I spoke to the animal control officer, a nice man who is holding both dogs for me until I form some sort of plan. I can in contact with him via telephone every day. I am on a fixed income and will be able to take care of Huckleberry when he somehow gets here. I have family support. (My boyfriend might be able to pick him up if someone is able to transport both dogs closer.)

Since the pit bull's owner is unable to take care of the dog at this time, I am trying to find a temporary foster home or if needed a rescue that will find it a forever home. I would still like to keep and care for my dog Huckleberry. I rescued him from a negative situation while going to college in Santa Fe, NM. He is fixed (neutered) and has all his shots. He's very wonderful little guy and my best friend. Attached is a picture of us, in happier times.

I have raised 180.00 of my own funds. My friend said she would pay for gas/hotel fees if I could find someone with a good car to drive cross country with (I’ve had no such luck.) Another friend said he would pay for Huckleberry to be shipped to me via airplane.

Do you think you can help me? Or do you know anyone that can?

if you cannot, I understand. Just please let me know either way. I shall continue my search emailing rescues. Feel free to contact me via email, day or night.

(UPDATE: I have officially have contacted every known rescue in Utah-nothing is definite. Please help me spread the word to nearby states to utah.)

Thank you for reading this,
Dara FitzGerald
Email: dara83@me.com
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