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The Diva
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 2:43pm PST 
Does anyone out there have a recipe for dog treats that includes glucosamine? Salmon oil would also be a bonus. It would obviously have to be a no-bake one as baking glucosamine can change the properties of it.

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Sports & Agility > Questions about Rally

The Diva
Barked: Sun Jan 29, '12 6:58pm PST 
We are looking to start competeing in Rally very soon, and we were hoping you guys could answer a few questions for us.

A little background info - Qira is fairly well trained in the OB department, in German, mainly. She heels, sits, downs and waits very well on command. I think we would do pretty good in Rally, and it would be fun to get some titles on her!
We attempted to start a pet obedience class a few months ago, just after I had gotten her, with plans to move on to the next level (CGC) then the competitive obedience and rally classes, and so on, but I did not like how the place was run, so we quit and I have just been working with her by myself. We've made a lot of progress! She comes to work with me every night, and I rarely have her on-leash, she just listens that well.

I feel that we are CLOSE to being competition ready, I just am not sure how I can know for sure. We are still working on the call-to-front deal, and a few little things like that.

Anyway, onto my questions...

1. How do you know for sure when you are ready? How do you train for the ring?

2. What is a day at the trial like? Do you go in the ring once, and that's that? How do titles work, and how do you know if you got one?

3. What should you bring to the trial?

4. What "little things" do judges look for that could help/harm your score?

5. Is it best to start off at one of the multiple-day shows, or just a one-day show?

6. Are people generally pretty nice at shows? When I showed my cat in the HHP ring, 99% of the people were total pricks!

7. Do you know of any good youtube videos that outline what the signs mean? I have always been a visual person, LOL.

If I think of more, I will post them... hope you can help me!
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