German Shorthaired Pointer > Axyl! How did you escape your crate THIS time!?


Barked: Wed Feb 16, '11 4:20pm PST 
Axyl has a habit of escaping his crate when I leave him while I go to work. I come home every day to let him out at lunch and to break up his day. However, he has escaped COUNTLESS contraptions (all created to keep him on the INSIDE of the crate) as well as ruined 4 crates.

We currently have carabiners on all corners of the crate but today he has managed to pluck the carabiners off and squeeze his skinny body out of the crate. Any ideas??

he's 11 months old and ABSOLUTELY hates when we leave him. I feel bad and I know he's a people dog but unfortunately us humans have to work so that we can pay to replace the items they destroy...oh the life they live.

any tips are greatly appreciated - as most of the time I am pretty humored and impressed by his abilities. It gets very frustrating to be outsmarted by a puppy all the time.
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