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Barked: Fri Sep 3, '10 3:50pm PST 

I'm new to this so forgive me if i'm doing this in the wrong place.

I have a 1yr old shih tzu and as yet i haven't found a groomer who cuts my boy how i like.

i like the puppy cut where its a bit longer so hes cute n fluffy still

first time he went he literaly came back totally bald i was so gutted i cried. sad i know but i was gutted
she made such a mess of him and he was still wet, i was fuming.

I tried a different groomer and even when i asked her to leave him longer she still shaved him really short. last time i went i asked her to leave him longer and she said she couldn't as her clippers didn't leave longer than an inch so she basically thinned his fur with the scissors which was a waste of time as he was a mess again a week later. i'm getting fed up.

I'm trying a new groomer tomorrow, i've checked the place out and discussed his cut with the new groomer and i'm hoping she does him right. i've showed her a picture of how i want him doing and she said its not a problem but i've heard this so many times before. i feel sick at the thought of taking him incase he comes back shaved short again.

is it a teddybear cut or puppy cut were they are left longish and fluffy? Just wondered if maybe i'm asking for the wrong thing i want at least 2 inches left.

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