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Barked: Sun Nov 11, '12 4:12pm PST 
Just found this. You'll see on my profile I have the more popular type dogs however...... I'm March 2012 my brother came to live on our property and brought his 2 Kuvasz with him. He travels 5-6 days a week so much of the day to day care became my responsibility. Nichali & Mahali are 3 yrs old. These dogs are biG are independent but they are the most loyal dogs I've ever been around. They are smart and discerning too. Our parent also live on the property the boys have a much quieter deminer when my 85 yr old father in around.

These dogs have found their purpose in patrolling our 28 acres watching over my 18# cavalier and 40# springer & 2 horses. Recently 2 of the many coyotes in our are ventured across our land the boys went to work in overdrive they "rolled" the intruders at full speed then chased them to the fences. We hear the cy.otes all the time but we have not seen any more on the property. GO KUVASZ!!!!!!!!!
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