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Barked: Fri Dec 4, '09 2:17am PST 
I grew up with an akita, but he's been gone for about 12 years now; I've always loved the breed and am now looking to add one to my family. I have some questions for those of you more familiar with raising akitas.
There are currently 3 other dogs in the house- my australian cattle dog (a 7yr old female), my brother's 5yr old female siberian husky and his new puppy, a 3month old bullmastiff mix male. My brother lives in his own apt in the house, so the husky and mastiff puppy sleep and eat in the apt. But the 3 are together at multi times during the day.
If I'm going to add a new puppy to the family I though it best to do while the mastiff is still young so that they can be trained together and would less likely fight. Does that make sense?
Also, would it be best to get a male akita since the mastiff puppy is also male? Or does the sex not really matter?

Any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated?
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