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Behavior & Training > New dog 9mo and some questions.

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Barked: Thu Jan 9, '14 9:32am PST 
How long have you had him?
I'm going to guess less than 2 weeks.

It can take about 2-4 weeks for a dog to get used to the routine and settle in. Until then, consider all his behavior as temporary and sub jest to change.
Get him into a good routine. Reward him for behavior you like, including just quietly lying down.
Try food dispensing toys that are easy to use. Like the Amaze-a-Ball. Offer antlers, hooves or large raw bones to chew on.
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Behavior & Training > not responding to commands

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Barked: Thu Jan 9, '14 9:26am PST 
This is one of most common complaints in the "not listening" department. The run away dog. frown

You didn't mention what training has been done for recall. Have you heard of the really reliable recall?

Until you feel your dog will come when called, you have to live by 2 rules:
1 Don't let your dog loose.
2 If your dog does get loose - don't bother calling it. (Don't use your recall word)
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Behavior & Training > Problems with a Dobie boy.


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Barked: Sun Jan 5, '14 5:38pm PST 
I agree he needs to be managed as others posted.

He's also only 7 months old. This is a beginning of adolescence and he may even become more challenging in the next year and a half. His self control went out the window when hormones came into play. Neutering may not solve his behavioral issues, BUT I hate that your BF won't neuter his dog. (I am starting to think men should only have females! I have a male friend who is waffling about neutering his GSD)
I would suggest keeping him on a NILIF plan and be very firm with his behavior.
Get back into training classes with him as a couple. It's good for him to know that other dogs and people in the room mean "time to pay attention and work".
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Behavior & Training > Merging two methods


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Barked: Sun Jan 5, '14 5:28pm PST 
Have you considered volunteering at a shelter?
Walking and training shelter dogs is a huge challenge. You get the full mixed bag. Dogs with different personalities temperaments and drives. Adjusting to those differences is a challenge.

Most are food driven, but not for the same foods.
Some are toy driven. If it squeaks - YEAH! Bounces - woopie!
Some are nose driven.
Some are travelers and can't wait to go for a walk.
Some are snugglers and enjoy a quiet time away from their barking kennel mates.

Thinking outside the box becomes easier if you do so regularly.
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Choosing the Right Dog > Worried no other dog will live up to her...


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Barked: Sun Jan 5, '14 5:13pm PST 
I don't ever want a copy (not that it's possible anyway) In the past 25 years I have had about 25 dogs pass through my home. My own, "guests" and foster dogs. No two were alike. Some I enjoyed, some I didn't.

There is one that my kids and I say was the "perfect dog".

Uh, wait, she didn't start out perfect....
She was hard to potty train.
We had to watch her in the yard because she would dig trenches (we found out why later)
She was 18 months old when she pulled up a chunk of berber carpet 4 inches wide and 3 feet long. We came home after 2 hours at church to see a long tan strand of yarn across the family room floor. My Pit mix (Woofie) with a face that said, "Didn't do it." And Candy suddenly slinking away cause her girlfriend sold her out.

A year later Woofie was gone and Candy had to buck up and be the dog of the house.

She did a great job. She was well behaved with company and when we took her places. She was a nanny dog at the dog park to young or small dogs. She was always gentle and not too forward with children. She never did like to 'Fetch'. But we had the only mole free yard in the neighborhood because she hunted them in the woods and did them in before they tunneled further. ( All her trenches as a puppy paid off). My boys dressed her in capes and rolled on the floor with her and she slept in the tent with them when they camped in the yard.

She was the perfect dog - eventually.
When she was almost 10 years old she died of a brain tumor. She left 4 humans and one dog heartbroken.

I have equally sweet stories about the dogs that came before her and after her.

A few things to consider:
I have learned more from my dogs than they ever learned from me.
My current dogs have a better, more experienced, and therefore different owner than my early dogs had.

Final note - our first foster dog was a Chocolate Labrador. It bothered me that I kept hearing she was "just like Candy". She was nothing like Candy! She didn't look like her, not as confident, she didn't play like her. To me she was like night and day. But to others she was another female Chocolate Lab - the same.
No matter how much another dog might look like Lupi, or act as well behaved, you, who know her best will see the differences more than the similarities.
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Another Suspected Faker

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Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 8:39pm PST 
I can see where OP is coming from. All it takes is one bad experience to make it hard on everyone else. If the Weim had soiled the floor or some other huge breach in etiquette, it makes it very difficult on the next, genuine SD team that tries to go in the store.

I live near Fidelco training facility and many families in the area foster puppies and train some of the dogs. I see vested working dogs all the time and know to leave them be while working. They are welcome in town because they are well behaved and set a good example. If one goes rouge, all the trainers and dogs will suffer for it.

I have also seen a few people with happy little dogs in their cart with red vests on. How dumb do they think we are? I know that little noise maker didn't pass his CGC, he hates everybody!

I never thought to say anything, but the store managers can't, so maybe I should.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Stray Dog in the yard. Dont wanna call AC cause it will be put down how do I help it?


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Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 7:10pm PST 
I don't know how the weather is in your area, we got 9 degrees and snow in CT. Providing a shelter from cold and wet with the food and water are a good way to keep the dog coming back.

Live traps are possible, but tricky. Some dogs are too smart to go into a tiny space, even if they are very hungry.
I got an email from a guy who has experience trapping the un-trappable dogs. He suggested gradually putting a coral together ( with smaller openings a dog can't squeeze through). He used a large space between 2 buildings, closing most of both ends so the dog never felt trapped. Get the dog used to your scent and food. On Trap day, completely close off the end of the coal the dog doesn't use much. Once he goes in, close the other end also. Then let the dog relax with food, water and shelter before trying to interact.
He was dealing with Kuvasz, which is similar to Great Pyrenees. Smart, herding, guarding breed as the GSD is.
I hope you can bring him in.
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Choosing the Right Dog > Allergies and Dog


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Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 6:35pm PST 
I really like this post.

When my sons were young, they both seemed to get sick a lot and developed @sthma.
Their Dr. sent me to an @sthma and allergy special-doctor-person. He told us to remove carpet from the kids bedrooms, encase their mattresses, vacuum with a hepa filter and get rid of the dog and cat.
I told him the boys get sick when we go out in public, they get better at home, it can't be the dog and cat. So the allergist tells me his brother has had dogs for 20 years, so in all that time he has never gone to his brothers house.

Well that convinced me.
....That he was a nut.
I fired the allergist, told my kids Dr. he was a qu@ck and found another doctor who correctly diagnosed my kids as having cr0up and immature lungs and assured me they would grow out of the problem.

***Okay, are you kidding me? I did not go dingbat happy or forget the word for certain things - Dogster just had a field day telling me I had non-G rated word in my post. I seem to remember that S p e c i a l ist was a problem. But I fixed that and it still kept kicking it back. Let's see it goes this time....shrug
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Choosing the Right Dog > A Rescue vs Rehome Rant


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Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 2:46pm PST 
Oh, a subject to really get my soap box out for!!!
It seems harder to re-home a dog unless it is 'homeless' already. Not enough sense of desperation?
I don't know. Frustrated lately with the ignorance of some dog owners.

I shared a post on Facebook this week of a Pit/Dalmatian mix that was adopted a year ago. The owners just put the dog down because of medical issues and aggression. The Rescue is upset because they have a return request for the life of any of their dogs if the owner can't keep the dog.

Three weeks ago, my dogs alerted me to a dog on my front porch. I didn't connect the large, skinny Rottweiler at my door, with a news article from 2 weeks prior. I fed him, put a blanket and heater out for him. He had no trust in his eyes. I showed him trust, compassion and kindness. It breaks my heart that this was the first and last of his life. This dog had no chance. 2 weeks earlier, he had escaped from animal control officers as they tried to kennel him at the pound. He had been seized when his scum bucket, drug dealing owner was arrested. His owner kept him skinny to keep him mean because he was a guard dog.
Rottweiler on my porch
The only rescue we could offer him was euthanasia.

Some people really suck.
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Behavior & Training > insecure lab

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Barked: Tue Nov 26, '13 8:08pm PST 
Will he take food dropped by guests/new people?
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