Irish Setter > Advice on the Irish Setter breed


Barked: Mon Jul 20, '09 5:26am PST 
Hi everyone,

Can you give me info on the Irish Setter breed? Mostly about their personalities and trainability.

Thank you!
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Collie > What are Rough/Smooth collies like to live with?

Barked: Mon Jul 13, '09 2:09am PST 
I am an owner of a labrador and sometime in the future I would like to get another dog. I have been looking into the collie breed.

I already do competition obedience with my labrador, so I would also like to do the same with a collie.

Can any rough or smooth collie owners answer my questions so I can get the best insight into owning one. I have been reading up on them. but it's good to get advice from the real people who live with them.

1) Are rough collies destructive as puppies?
2) Are rough collies easy to house train?
3) Generally are collies friendly with other dogs and people?
4) How good are they at being left alone for a small period of the day?
5) Are rough/smooth collies got the motivation to work, like a border collie has?
6) What are they gernerally like at home- always active or do they lay around etc?
7) Do they have any special requirements eg food, care etc.
8) How much to rough collies shed? how much do smooth collies shed? I know labradors shed alot.
9) Are they very vocal? do they bark alot?
10) Are they generally stuborn, carefree, hyper or laid back? Or does this depend on the dogs personality?

Any answers to any of the above questions would be greatful.
Thanks. way to go
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