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Alabai, a middleasian shepherd is an old dog's race which was used for guarding of the sheep from the woolves and the other beasts, as well as for defending of the people in the caravans. This race comes from south of Turkmenistan and originates from Tibetan dog of 4000 years ago.
We can find them in the area of Middle Asia (Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazachstan, Iran and Mongolia). A hundred years of selection resulted in a great improvement of the race because only the best issues were chosen from the litter and they appeared to be the best fighters against the woolves and also the best guards.
Bad life conditions of these dogs also contributed to the natural selection and a high quality of the race.
Middleasian shepherd is a dog guarding the whole day, eating a little bit of food mainly hunted by himself, defending himself and the flock from the wild animals, female is littering and feeding her youngs by herself.
Only the best survive under these conditions and that is the reason why this race exists for more than 4000 years.
Middleasian shepherd stands high temperatures as well as very low temperatures. For example, winter temperature in Kazachstan is -30* and summer temperature is +40* degrees.
There are a few types of this race. Dogs in Tajikistan and Pamir mountains have longer hair, and dogs from Uzbekistan are lighter (scrawny type). The best dogs, strong and rough, with a short hair, are in Turkmenistan where dogs' fights are part of the tradition and national customs. Instead of dogs exhibitions, dogs' fights are being held there. (foto 1, foto 2).
Turkmenistan's Alabai was announced for national riches in 1990. and it was forbidden to export this dog out of the country. Turkmenistan's Alabai – Middleasian shepherd is a big dog of a rough and strong constitution, strong head, rough skeleton and strong and well developped dentures. He has short dangling ears which are usually being cut when he is a few days old (because of fights with woolves). He has a short and strong neck and his skin is very thick. A part between his chest and the abdomen is not so prominent. He has wide and strong back, his tail is high and has a form of a sickle (it is also being cut when he is a few days old).His hair is tough, thick and flat. Middleasian shepherd appears in white, yellow, red, grey, tiger, black and the other colours. Middleasian shepherd is a brave dog with an extraordinary natural instinct for guarding, he is easily trained and he is not agressive towards children.
It is a very brave dog with a huge strength, gracious walk and run and a it is a dog with a great heart.

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