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Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 7:21am PST 
I know it is silly, but I can't help it. Every time, Landy (my owner) plays Lissa Hannigan's Lille I whine. She thinks its the cutest thing and plays it at least once a day.
I don't know, but something about it makes me want to sing along. Maybe I have a career in singing!!

Haha... anyone else want to hear?
Lille by Lisa Hannigan

little angel
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Who's Feeling Silly? > Arf True Bloods

Barked: Mon Jul 20, '09 7:13am PST 
It might be a little silly, but I watch True Blood with my owner. She loves it and I must admit I like it too. I bark every time that dog comes on screen and my owner just laughs...I don't see anything funny about it at all.
Does anyone else watch True Blood?

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