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Food & Nutrition > Made a decision but still have questions....

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Barked: Tue Apr 11, '06 1:23pm PST 
Thanks to all the great information on this forum, I decided to denounce the Science Diet (pushed by my vet) and go with a premium food. I chose California Natural for Max. He is so dandruff-y and itchy - I'm hoping this helps. (By the way, he is my first dog, so I'm sure the 3 baths in 3 weeks didn't help. Ach. I didn't know!) I know to make the switch slowly, and so far Max seems to like it a lot.

While I was talking to the salesperson, she suggested a supplement that is sprinkled on the food (2 teaspoons a day, if I'm reading it right). It's called The Missing Link and is supposed to do all manner of miracles, including my taxes. I did end up buying it and started to wonder something: Would this supplement be effective on a lesser dog food? I realize this is not an exorcism powder to rid all the sins within the lesser foods, but I wonder if it's a good alternative for those who can't afford premium stuff.

So I think I made some steps in the right direction as far as food is concerned and I sure hope the supplement isn't going to harm him. I know he scarfs it down fast, which makes me wonder if I'm feeding him enough (1 cup, three times a day). Does that sound right?

Thanks for any/all input!
Max's Mom
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > I need a new home!!!

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Barked: Tue Apr 11, '06 12:50pm PST 
Thanks Belle! I'm holding up alright for now. Can't wait for a new mommy or daddy to come along!
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > April needs a home!

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Barked: Tue Apr 11, '06 12:49pm PST 
Hey guys,
My friend April needs a home too! She resides in the kennel next to mine. She is a Beagle/Australian Shepherd Mix. Max's mom has visited her too and compiled a list of stats. 1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest.

Energy Level: 3
Exercise Requirements: 3
Playfulness: 3
Affection Level: 5
Friendliness Toward Dogs: 5
Friendliness Toward Other Pets: 5
Friendliness Toward Strangers: 5
Ease of Training: 1
Watchdog Ability: 4
Protection Ability: 1
Grooming Requirements: 1
Cold Tolerance: 3
Heat Tolerance: 3

If you would like to adopt April, please contact Bedford Animal Control in Bedford, TX at 817-952-2191 or

She's been there even longer than I have! The poor girl. You can see her Petfinder page at: 3
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > I need a new home!!!

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Barked: Tue Apr 11, '06 12:42pm PST 
Hey everydoggie,
I've been at the shelter for a very long time, and I could use a good home. My owner dumped me here because I was too "hyper." I can't help it, that's my breed! Please ask your human mommies and daddies if they can I adopt me! I'm at Bedford Animal Control in Bedford, TX. You can contact them at 817-952-2191 or

Max's Mom has visited me a few times and characterized me a scale from 1-5. 1 is the lowest, and 5 is the highest. Here are my stats:

Energy Level: 4
Exercise Requirements: 5
Playfulness: 5
Affection Level: 4
Friendliness Toward Dogs: 3
Friendliness Toward Other Pets: 3
Friendliness Toward Strangers: 2
Ease of Training: 5
Watchdog Ability: 5
Protection Ability: 4
Grooming Requirements: 3
Cold Tolerance: 3
Heat Tolerance: 3

I'm already house trained and spayed too! All I need are my shots and I'm ready to go!
Thanks for considering me,
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Dogster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Trivia - History Contest!!!

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Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 9:33pm PST 
I've decided to hold a Dog Trivia-History Contest! The person who gets the most correct wins a prize! Really, no joking!

1st place: 1 Year Dogster Plus Membership
2nd place: Canine goodie bag
3rd place: You choice of a dog breed keychain

#1: Which native North American Indian tribe believed that Nagaicho, the Great Traveler and creator of the world, had a dog which accompanied him while he worked?

#2: What was the name of General George Patton's famous Bull Terrier who accompanied troops during World War II?

#3: In 1870, George Graham Vest delivered a famous speech in a trial over the shooting of a dog. What was the name of the dog in this case?

#4: The United States Mint at Philadelphia opened in 1793. What was the name the first watchdog employed by the mint?

#5: According to Egyptian historian Herodotus, what did an Egyptian family do to mourn the death of their dog?

#6: What's my name? I was an American Staffordshire Terrier (or maybe a Bull Terrier mix). Serving in World War I, I am known as America's first war dog. I was awarded the rank of Sergeant, and became the most decorated war dog in America.

#7: On November 12, 1940, Admiral Stark presented a memorandum to the Secretary of the Navy which later became known "Plan Dog". What is the "Plan Dog" memorandum and why was it named "Plan Dog"?

#8: When the ancient city of Ashkelon was excavated, what discovery was made raising the possibility of an ancient religion that worshipped dogs?

#9: According to fossil evidence, dogs were domesticated how many years ago? Was it 2,500, 4,200, 14,000, or 100,000?

#10: According to Norse Mythology, what are the names of Odin's two wolves?

#11: The Egyptian goddess Bast (or Bastet) was often depicted as a woman having the head of a ____?

#12: Approximately how many dogs served in the Vietnam war? Was it 700, 2,000, 4,000, or 8,000?

#13: What is the name of the 10th day on the Aztec Calendar?

#14: During the Cival War, the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry had a dog who accompanied them into battle. A monument to her honor was built at Gettysburg. What was the dog's name?

#15: How was material used to create the statue now on display at the Smithsonian of President Harding's dog "Laddie Boy" collected?

#16: The only cat to win a Dicken Medal (Animals' Victoria Cross) in World War II served upon the HMS Amethyst. What was his name?

#17: What was the name of the dog given to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev?

#18: King Eystein, ruler of Norway between 1104 and 1123, returned from exile and gave his people a choice between his slave or his dog as their new king. They choose his dog. What was the name of the dog?

#19: What is the moral of the Aesop Fable "The Dog and The Wolf"?

GOOD LUCK! Winners will be announced Friday!
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Dog Laws & Legislation > The Hot Issue: Should local governments be able to dictate what breeds of dogs residents can own?

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:13pm PST 
Should local government be able to dictate what breeds of dogs residents can own?
17% Yes
83% No
What others have to say:
"My husband & I are the proud owners of a 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is as friendly as can be to other animals, loves children, & is as well behaved as any Lab or Golden Retriever I have ever known. She is the norm for this breed...NOT the exception. The rap these poor dogs have is a testimate to the gross manipulation that the media has over so many. Judge the Deed - Not the Breed!"
"No breed should ever be declared as dangerous or vicious because of a few undersocialized mistreated dogs. Your never going to find two dogs of the same breed have the same temperment or personality. Each dog is different and unique. Any dog no matter what breed can be a great well tempered family dog with the proper socialization and training. Any dog can potentialy bite, especially those that have not had any socialization or have been neglected and abused. Undersocialization, neglect, and abuse of a dog can cause it to have a fear towards people, dogs, objects, noises, ect. Proper socialization and training is the key to having a great dog, no matter the breed. Eric Cain C.P.T. "
"It is ridiculous to lump all of one breed together."
"Local governments too often use this as a cover for their failure to address irresponsible and abusive dog ownership. Currently, pit bull-type dogs are popular among people who are apt to mistreat and neglect their animals. That does not make them more dangerous as a breed. A well socialized and well-trained American Pit Bull Terrier is no more a threat than any other large, strong dog. Any animal that threatens people or other pets or creates a serious nusiance should be taken away from its owner. This would be an effective way of controlling dangerous dogs."
"Hold the owners responsible, not the breed."
"Ban stupid people, not dogs."
"Under the Ohio Revised Code, all Pit Bulls are labeled as vicious. Their is no hard evidence that proves Pit Bulls are more dangerous than any other breed. Why, becasue there is no central reporting system for the dog population and dog attacks. Without accurate evidence, BSL is unjustified. Laws like these hurt the responsible owners, not the owners training and breeding the dogs to be mean in the first place. Pit Bulls are by far the most abused breed of all. They are forced to fight, and bred like crazy to make an easy buck. Where does the real problem lie? BSL is an easy, quick fix to the Pit Bull problem. BSL is legal abuse, as if Pit Bulls don't recieve enough illegal abuse as it is."
"ABSOLUTELY NOT! The thing is, if we give them the right to dictate, then we may find ourselves not being able to own dogs at all. It really scares me that that could become a reality unless we as dog owners step in and put a stop to it."
"No - as people are saying below.. hate the deed not the breed..."
"since when was it ok to consider making prejiduce legal? i thought we were suppose to be teaching our kids NOT to judge a book by its cover...what next, a ban on video games, or certain cars, and then bans on people???"
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Dog Health > Pet Insurer Hits Out At Poor Kennels

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:09pm PST 
We are seeing rising criticism of the pet industry coming out of the pet insurance sector. Last year Saga Pet Insurance voiced its concerns over unhealthy pet treats while Sainsburys Bank told us that owners of pedigrees are more likely to claim than crossbreed owners. Earlier this month Churchill told dog owners that they have no idea how expensive our dogs really are. Now Direct Line Pet Insurance is telling owners that they are spending £46 million on vets bills throughout the lifetime of their pets - due to poor kennel conditions. The pet insurer has launched a campaign to further regulate kennel standards.

The research points out that of the 5,400,000 dogs in the UK, 300,000 have had to go to the vet as a result of a stay in kennels at a cost of more than £150 each on fees. Over one in 10 dogs (12%) had contracted an illness and 4% sustained an injury from their time in the kennels says the company.

This despite the fact that 87% of dog owners who used kennels inspected them before making a booking and almost a third (32%) visited more than one before choosing what kennel they thought was the best.

According to the research 47% of dog owners paid up to £100 on their dog's stay, but nearly half (48%) did not know how long their dog was kept in its cage during the day and one in five (20%) found dirty conditions in the kennels they visited when initially trying to decide.

The findings also highlight that 26% of owners felt that insufficient attention was paid to their dog during its stay and 20% felt that, based on its appearance, their dog had had little exercise.

Nearly half of dog owners (46%) have left their pet to stay in kennels at some time during their life. The majority (93%) used kennels whilst they went on holiday, often leaving their dog for two weeks at a time (48%).

72% used kennels as they were unable to leave their dog with friends or family, 46% because they could not leave it with their neighbours, and 47% simply wanted their dog to be looked after by professionals.

Direct Line Kennels Campaign

The new Animal Welfare Bill, (AWB) will revise the Boarding Establishments Act 1963 in order to bring it up to date with the higher standards required of kennels and catteries today.

Chris Price, Head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, commented:

"As a keen supporter of the Animal Welfare Bill, Direct Line is urging the Government to provide greater clarity regarding plans to regulate boarding kennels. We believe that better enforcement of standards should be made mandatory.

"We recommend that pet owners base their kennel selection on word-of-mouth from a friend or another trusted source, and have the appropriate pet insurance to ensure that their pet is covered in the unfortunate event of it needing treatment."

Veterinary surgeon, Peter Eastwick-Field, added:

"We believe too many boarding establishments are falling below acceptable standards in basic care – for instance very few dogs are even getting enough exercise during their stay. On average we see 1-2 dogs a week in the practice during the summer months as a result of time spent in the kennels. Vomiting, diarrhoea and kennel cough are a few of the illnesses commonly related to boarding establishments."
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Dogs & Travel > Quest for dog park continues; AJ woman fights for facility in Pinal County

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:07pm PST 
For the past three years, Marta Saint-James has attempted to establish a dog park in Pinal County.

First, she went unsuccessfully in the city of Apache Junction and now she is turning to Gold Canyon. While people are sympathetic to its need, she said there appears to be little help in official circles although there is plenty of public support.

That is because she went before the Apache Junction City Council, but her proposal for a dog park was not well-received. Previously, the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission supported her idea.

“The idea just died in council,” Ms. Saint-James said. “While, maybe died is not a good word, but there was no action taken. The members debated the cost and location, and in the end, they took no action.”

That did not stop Ms. Saint-James. She now presses forward in Gold Canyon; because the area is not incorporated, she does not have to deal with any governmental or advisory board.

On 7.5 acres of land donated by local developer Harold Christ, she envisions a barrier-free open space, where those in wheelchairs and special needs can bring their dogs.

The site is under a power line on Kings Ranch Road near the Gigglin’ Gecko, a bar and restaurant.

This time, Ms. Saint-James has the support of elected officials and staff.

Pinal County Supervisor Sandie Smith endorses the dog park concept, but cautions the process can be lengthy.

“There are many steps involved here, but there is a need for a facility like this,” Supervisor Smith said. “A land survey must be taken, site selection be determined, cost and budget consideration, and size of the area. Plus, the organizers have to get input from the community and stay focused.”

David Kuhl, director of Planning and Development for Pinal County will provide information and advice at the state level. The county is also in the process of hiring a senior parks planner, who will be able to assist in this project. At Independent’s press time, phone calls to Mr. Kuhl were not returned.

In reference to her plan, Ms. Saint-James notes all one had to do is look to

neighboring communities.

In recent months, Gilbert opened a dog park, Chandler has three in operation, and Ms. Saint-James is most familiar with the facility in Mesa.

Because there is no dog park in Apache Junction, Ms. Saint-James took her two golden retrievers, Cody and Cramer, to the Mesa dog park, a distance of 26.5 miles. Eventually, both were put to sleep and now without a dog, Ms. Saint-James maintains her fight to establish a dog park.

“I look at something like this promoting responsible dog ownership,” she said.

“There are many ways people can use a dog park, and I envision our park as a potential training base, we can hold festivals, and a place to showcase police dogs.”

Though she would like the facility operational within one year, Ms. Saint-James does not commit to a timetable.

“We have a good start,” she said, referring to the site donated by Mr. Christ.

“The area we selected has 11 trees and one fire hydrant. For any dog, that’s a great place to run, jump, exercise and have fun.”
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Thanks to anonymous giver, Danville has a police dog

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:06pm PST 
She's lean, mean and understands several languages. Crooks blanch when they see Donna, the newest crime-fighter for Danville police.

She'll dispatch a fleeing suspect with alacrity, and doesn't mind the swing shift.

Donna is the new canine law enforcer for the Danville department. A Belgian Malinois (MAL-in-wah), Donna answers commands in Dutch, and German, and some in Czech. The Malinois is similar to a German Shepherd but smaller in stature. Typical females weigh about 60 pounds; Donna weighs 69.

Such dogs are well-suited for police work. They do best when they have a background of strict training a purpose of the moment.

"She is happiest when she is working, pulling hard on the leash, focused," said her handler, police Officer Mike Ireland.

And, according to the American Kennel Club, the Malinois is highly intelligent.

Formally shown as a separate breed since 1959, the Malinois is a "protection" breed that will fiercely defend its home and master, has high energy and is extremely fast and agile.

An anonymous donor approached the police department "wanting to do something for the community," police Chief Chris Wenzel said. The donor paid the $8,000 to obtain the valuable dog from Holland, where she had three years of special training. The donor has also committed to paying for Donna's care for four years, at a total cost of about $63,000, Wenzel said. That includes the cost of a specially-equipped police car whose doors can be opened remotely by the officer to let the dog out.

Donna has been "on the street" for four weeks, and is still finishing up her schooling to also become a drug-sniffing dog. She also will be used to search for lost or missing people, illegal contraband, articles for evidence and as a community relations ambassador.

Donna goes home with Ireland every night, where she sleeps in a kennel. She is still getting acquainted with Ireland's family, which includes two young children. Officer and dog will be fairly inseparable for the next four years, the usual length of a police canine's working career.

"It's a huge commitment. The dog becomes part of the officer's life," Wenzel said.

While Ireland is on vacation, Donna will likely be off duty and staying at Wenzel's house. Wenzel is a dog fancier who has raised Rottweilers.

A quick study, Donna has already helped apprehend a fleeing suspect without ever touching him.

"You tell a suspect to lie down and stop running or you'll let the dog loose on him," Ireland said. "Most people don't want to get bitten and will comply."

Donna also traced the scent off some handle bars of a stolen bicycle to a house about a block away ,where the thief was. He admitted to the crime, Ireland said.

In training classes with Ireland, Donna is formidable, her handler said. In one exercise an instructor playing a bad guy fired blanks in the dog's face as she lunged toward him; she was unfazed and unstoppable, Ireland said.

"It's the intense training they get in Europe. She is protective of me and will help me from getting attacked," said Ireland, who has been with Danville police for four years.

Donna was almost edged out by Bodie, a German shepherd whom Wenzel first chose to become Danville's new canine unit. After a short time, it was apparent Bodie was not a good fit for Ireland or his family, and the dog was returned to Southern California, where Donna was then chosen.

Danville has not had the budget for several years for a police dog. Wenzel said the "timing was right" when the donor stepped forth to fill a need for the department.

Donna and Ireland are still getting to know each other's likes and dislikes.

"Donna hates rain," Ireland said, "and her favorite toy is a racquetball."

When she is at the police department, Ireland lets up on the discipline. Donna rolls on her back, chomps on her leash and flinches when a photographer takes her picture. Staffers make a fuss over her.

"Now who's going to clean up this dog hair on the carpet?" Wenzel asks with a chuckle.
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Dog Laws & Legislation > Stray dog warning after savage attack on pet

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A DOG'S frenzied attack on a family's boxer left the pet’s back legs in shreds and the owner needing medical attention.

Bill Gage, of Cecil Avenue, Sheerness, was walking with his boxer, Saracen, on the canal bank at Southview Gardens, Sheerness, on Sunday night when he saw the black Staffordshire.

Mr Gage, 60, said: “It was a black, bulky animal with the most massive jaws and it just tore straight into Saracen.”

Bob and Sandra Williams, in Southview Gardens, heard Mr Gage’s screams for help, along with a neighbour who came out with a baseball bat.

Unable to halt the attack any other way, the neighbour held on to the blood-soaked pet while Mr Gage wielded the bat in an attempt to break up the dog-fight.

“I don’t know how long it took, I’m told I broke the baseball bat, but that didn’t stop the stray from chasing me and Saracen up the path when the Williams took us in.”

By then, Mr Gage was in a state of shock.

“The Williams, fearing I was actually having a heart attack, called the ambulance and the paramedics checked me over diagnosing hyperventilation.

“I can’t thank them and their neighbour enough for all they did, but I am very fearful of what would happen if it was a little old lady or a child walking their dog that were victims of an attack next time.

“Saracen’s vet bills are already £370. He has had 12 stitches, pain killers and antibiotics and I have to take him back again.”

Police spokesman Sally Smith said: “We ask all dog-owners to ensure their pets are kept in a secure environment.”
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