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I adopted and 8th month old female Akita I call Zelda, 4 month's ago and she had not been socialized being confined to a one car garage. She was never walked, introduced to the World, or enter a home until I adopted her. I never saw an Akita before and knew nothing about the breed but I have been a quick study. Zelda was hyper beyond comprehension and it was a good 2 days before I could begin to think about leash training. She loves people and children but has shown nothing but aggression toward every other living thing. She jumps up at a fish in my aquarium shaking the tank. Barks at my 2 parakeets several times a day. I have taken her to a dog park and let her be with other dogs with a fence between them but she doesn't seem to begin to entertain the idea of getting along. I live on a lake and when she is staked out she can go 30 feet into the lake and she is constantly in the water chasing ducks if they get closer than Zelda would like. I've had several Lab's and none liked the water as much as Zelda. When I first began socializing Zelda and she would be in her aggression/barking mode, I would calmly talk to her trying to get her to sit and when I would attempt to pet her, she would snap at my hand and sometimes pinching me good. I chose to ignore this behavior not knowing how to address a dog behaving like this toward another animal and she stopped snapping at me after several week's. She is a mouthy kind of dog always taking my hand into her mouth to gently chew on and I have to tell her when to back off when she get too excited. I take her everywhere I go and she is with me around the clock. I am on my third month in socializing Zelda and she is 1 year old. I have only seen improvement where I can get Zelda to stop barking and sit and look at the other animal but when we go to move she goes into her aggressive behavior until we are out of the situation. Another dog in a pet store is a nightmare and we exit immediately. I would like to see other Akita's and see their behavior because I've never encountered a dog with this uniqueness before. She stalks birds in the yard like a cat and crouches low when playing ball with me as if she is going to pounce. I've never seen loyalty like she displays and I'd love to have another Akita for her to play with but that isn't going to happen. I truly believe Zelda is living up to what her breed was bred to do. She is textbook Akita and I missed socializing her by not being her owner when she was just 7 week's old. I hope her aggression is never directed toward people. I wouldn't take her out in public if she reacted to people like she does all other living things. I'm wondering if anyone has an Akita that has the same disposition as Zelda.
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