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Akita > feeding probs - choosy eater

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hi there
My boyfriend was given a 3 year old male akita (Bolt) 7 months ago, hes a beautiful, wonderful, loving boy whom we adore! he responds well to commands and has accepted that my boyfriend is his pack leader. and even though I live separately from my boyfriend he accepts my commands without an issue either.
The thing is for a while now he had become very picky with his food as he seems to want what we are eating, and I know that I've probably made it worse as I keep giving in to him! I m a real softy which i think Bolt has recognised as he gives me such pleading looks!
I know for his own sake that I have to be firmer with myself and not give in.
Ive read on the internet that the best way to get him eating again is to feed him 2x daily and put his food down for 20 minutes at a time and if he hasnt eaten it to take it away until the next feed time and to stick with this, because even though it may take a few days when he eats nothing eventually he,ll be so hungry he will eat it. Obviously Im worried as he has the Akita trait of stubborness! Please can someone with more experience of Akitas give us some advice?
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