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I've applied to have my puppy rescue listed on Petfinder and have not been approved.
Sara Kent and Susan Greene of Petfinder Outreach do NOT appreciate my rescue's effort to find puppies homes, and this is after we've had a 2 hour phone conversation with Susan Greene.

Susan Greene and Sara Kent can not give me a definite answer as to why my rescue has not been approved to list on Petfinder.

My rescue's policy matches that of THOUSANDS of rescues ALREADY listed on Petfinder. We are no different from the thousands of small rescues ALREADY ON Petfinder.

I am sure Susan and Sara are making more money than our family has ever made, and Petfinder employees also literally make a living off of animal adoptions.
They are judging our rescue from a personal worldview that is not compatible with the reality of running a rescue.

I've contacted the parent company and was told that Petfinder Outreach is going under an investigation. That was 3 weeks ago and the Assistants Communications Manager for Nestle Purina, Petfinder's parent company, has not returned our calls and emails.

I am certain that the only factor considered is Petfinder's blatant discrimination against me.
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