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Akita > Drooling and unbalanced front legs

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Hi everyone, I have a 6 month american akita. He drools a lot and he pants a lot even when he is indoors. We brought him to a vet and I was told he drools and pants when he is too hot/excited. The drooling is excessive and when I play with him, he can just wipe his face in my arm and my arm will be covered with drool. I was just wondering is this normal? Will he drool less as he develops adult teeth?

The vet also noticed that on his front left leg, the gap between the two bones is smaller and not normal. As a result, when he walks or runs, you can notice him being slightly slanted because the front left leg is longer because of the smaller bone gap. I was wondering if anyone else ever had this case and if anyone see any issues from this? The vet told me he will adjust himself when he grows older and there is nothing to worry about. Since this is a genetic condition involving the bone, I don't know what kind of treatments I can give him, maybe some stretching exercises or training that will develop his leg muscles would help? Feel free to chime in.
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