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Such a shame that these god fearing people have no respect for our furry friends.
Just purchased a baby pug from Elam K appears that that have a vertical operation they breed them and the vet is one of them...same name same family...but they are super sharp ..for if they have a med problem with any of their dogs they take them out of the country to vets/hospitals that would have no thread to their operation!
Mr. Elam denied for close to 10 days that the puppy he sold me had FLEAS.
Finally when pushed against a wall he admitted that both she , her litter mates and the Mom had been infested.
His withholding of information is illegal. He did not abide by PAlaws which require that the vet visit be min 21 days before the sale..if he had done a visit at that time the records would have indicated FLEAS..he waited till the dogs were given a course of ADVANTAGE and thought his problem was solved...but no. My puppy has fleas because he never gave the recommended second course
because as he said" it is expensive"
My 2 other dogs and my home are now infested..and Mr. Elam K Stoltzfus has disappeared.
But just like Whitey Bolger the Boston Mob man ..he will be found..hopefully by a pack of wild dogs that rip him apart and make Amish stew out of him
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