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Hello smile we are looking to get a new family puppy as our old lab just passed from cancer. We have 2 children under the age of 2 and we live in the NT. We exercise daily by walking to all of our destinations instead of driving (we live on an island) and also have a jack Russell. If we are at home we mainly stay outside and play most of the day. I have no doubt that we will be able to give an akita a loving home with food and exercise that he/she requires. What I am concerned about is all of the conflicting information on the dogs personalities and behavioural issues. Some say they are awesome with kids and a wonderful family dog and others say they are being banned in certain countries. What's your thoughts on Akitas in the sense of do you think they are generally an aggressive dog not for kids or it all depends on how you train them dog?. I know this sounds like a silly question but I have been with my jack Russell since birth and all the training in the world hasn't taken away his crankiness. Although he no longer snaps.
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