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Akita > Is the Akita really for me?

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Barked: Fri Jul 26, '13 3:43am PST 
I've been doing tons of research, attempting to really figure out whether or not the Akita is really right for me.

First, let me be the first to say that through research alone, I fully understand how dedicated one must be when raising this breed. In fact, I really did some brainstorming to ensure that this particular breed will fit within the guidelines of my lifestyle. meditate. Therefore, please allow me to explain a few things so that you can get a good idea of my lifestyle.

I live with two other individuals. Furthermore, I currently do not work, but they both do full time. Eventually, I plan on working as well. That being said, is there a maximum time in which this particular breed cannot be left alone? (I know it's common sense to not leave a dog alone for a long time, but I've seen folks leave dogs along for 8 hours due to work).

We do not have a fenced in yard. I have heard of many breeders actually requiring a potential customer to have a fenced in yard.

I plan on being the main caretaker of the Akita.

What if I eventually moved out in my own apartment, found a girlfriend/wife, and had a child? How would this potential situation affect my having an Akita?

Would it be okay to train the Akita to eat in my presence so that if I choose to remove food from in front of him or remove a toy from his mouth, I won't get snapped at? For example, as a puppy, could I feed him by hand from time to time so that he knows it's only okay if I touch his food?

I understand that these dogs are really dominant and they constantly try to challenge the owner. I understand that those owners who are "weak" won't be a good fit for this breed. That said, I see where this could be a problem for many people, but it would help for someone to give me an example so that I can reply accordingly.

I have heard many people say "buy a lab" if you want a dog who wants to constantly please you or cuddle with you. But, I'm sure Akitas can be just as loving.

Maybe someone can ask me a few questions to help me out?
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Akita > I have decided on an Akita.

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Thank you very much for your advice dog walk
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Akita > I have decided on an Akita.

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I am looking to purchase a wonderful Akita! The thing is, after extensive research, it's beginning to dawn on me regarding how difficult it really is to find a breeder who is legit. I know there are tons of associations that claim to have established a list of those who are worthy of breeding these beautiful creatures, however, I'm not sure which one to turn to?

Should I specifically adhere to those registered on Akita Club of America?

Can someone assist me? I'm looking to purchase an Akita in Ohio. How far have any of you traveled to purchase one? I've noticed some breeders are 3-5 hours out.

Thank you so much! big grin
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