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Small Dogs > My pup has a weird skin rash

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So we were at the vet like 2 weeks ago for our flee /tick meds and a check up. So today I am laying here cuddling with my pup watching tv and I see a flea! Ugh!!! So I pick her up grab the flea shampoo and get ready to give her a bath before we do bath time I always sit on the floor and play with her so she knows she is a good girl so she rolls on her belly and I see this rash that I think popped up over night I have pictures but I don't know how to upload them. I really need help as the vet I closed and I don't know whether it is worth going to the emergency vet. She doesn't seem to be in pain she is still running around and playing fine. Ps. I scratched the bath idea in case the shampoo will hurt her more
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