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I am posting this so anyone else contemplating purchasing a puppy from Edwards Training will rethink it. We purchased a corgi pup from them in 2010. Repeatedly asked for photos of the sire/dam and AKC papers. Neither were ever received. Puppy was sick first two days. Shots were given much too closely and had to be re-done by our vet after 6 weeks for the puppy to recover. No original rabies certificate - stamped photo copy. Incomplete shot records. Was eating poop when she first arrived. She is now 2.5 yrs old and just diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in both shoulders and both elbows. Vet and X-ray tech said she was born wit this, NOT a result of any type of injury. It is degenerative and usually seen in old dogs, not a young dog. I have since learned that there are others reporting the same types of issues with puppies from Edwards Training. I grew up around AKC bred dogs and never did a puppy have severe health issues. And I have since learned that AKC breeders will offer photos, registration numbers, etc up front when selling their dogs.
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