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Akita > Picking up my Akita puppy this weekend!

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Hello all. This is my first post on this site. We are super excited to be adding to our furry family with an akita puppy. We have not yet chosen a name. We go back and forth with ideas for a Japanese name and then a regular old off the wall name. I tend to like people sounding names for my pets.

We currently have 3 children as well as a yellow lab (Sam) and 2 cats. After throughly researching the breed, my husband and I decided to add an Akita to our family. I am a dominant personality with the pets and am a strong pack leader and I feel ready to tackle the challenge of the willful, but loving Akita! I am definitely going into this with my eyes wide open and willing to put in the work. I am excitedly soaking up all the knowledge that I can from current owners as well. Tips/tricks for new babies are certainly welcome.

My first question is this. I know that socialization is very very important and should begin immediately with an Akita. Our little guy is about 10 weeks old. How soon after coming home should we take him out and about? 1 - 2 days? A few hours....? I want him to be secure and trusting with us as his family, but I also want him to have as many new experiences as possible while he is still young. If I bring him home on a Sunday, is Sunday evening too soon....maybe Wednesday?
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