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Dog Health > Dog drinks a lot of water, loss of bladder control and drink own urine

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If thyroid and all other panels are normal, you may consider Diabetes Insipidus, the third type of Diabetes (water diabetes). There are two types of DI and DI involves not making anti-diuretic hormone and the kidney's not concentrating the urine. Excessive drinking and urinating are symptoms. Treatment for both is the same, Desmopressin. If you vet does consider this diagnosis, don't let him do a water deprivation test - it is cruel and un-necessary. A simple test taking the oral form of Desmopressin will tell you. Then you can look into the other forms of Desmopressin as the tablet is expensive and not that effective.

Hopefully your other tests will turn up an answer and this post will be unneeded. Good Luck -
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