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I have a 2 year old Siberian Husky named Juneau. He is a very talkative and social guy! I started taking him to the dog park when he was about 5 months old. However, he has always been the only dog in the house up until recently, when I began fostering another male husky around the same age.

Recently, we have been visiting a new dog park in our area and many dog owners bring toys. The parks we have visited before were different. People mostly just brought balls, but this park has frisbees, ropes, etc. All kinds of tempting toys that Juneau often runs around stealing. Some owners don't care, others will ask that I take the toy away from him to give back to their dog.

One time when I needed to get a toy back to another dog owner, Juneau was pretty vocal about not wanting to give up the toy. And it was the first time I had run into a situation where he did not willingly give a toy back to me. I was advised to gently take ahold of his collar or back of his neck and hold him firm so he cannot hop up and run from me. Give him the command to "drop it" since he understands that. And if he does not drop it, to then take hold of the toy and take it from him.

When this happened, Juneau made a grumbling sound at me. I say "grumbling" because it did not seem like he was growling in an upset way the way I've heard dogs growl, or as a warning. It sounded like "raaa raaa raaa". More like he was griping at me that he really did not want to drop the toy.

Like many huskies, he makes alot of growly sounding noises when he plays and when he talkes to me. He does a funny "groooww wow wow" sound when he gets excied about going somewhere.

It has happened a few more times both at the park and at home. I am not sure if he has become more posessive becuse there is now another dog in the house and he is not used to that and just so happened to display that at the dog park first ... I now just give them each a toy in their crates.

I want to address this properly with him and wanted some advice on whether anyone else's husky does this around toys and what you have done? I feel there will be a difference in what I do depending on whether he is talking or growling. I don't feel and have never felt afraid or threatened, but concerned that if he is growling, it could become worse if I don't correct the behavior.
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