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I love the Japanese breeds. I have owned two Shiba Inus and loved their aloof nature and independent spirit. I had wanted an Akita but heard so many horror stories about aggression. I started to read about them endlessly and had the chance to meet a few, none of which showed any aggression to either myself or my Shiba.

I purchased my Akita puppy two months ago. I spend a lot of time with him. At jjust 4 months old he is house trained, does his business in one area in our yard only. He can sit, turn right, turn left, heel. He can speak, lie down, and give me a high five. I walk him daily for an hour, once or twice a day depending on his energy level. I walk with a group of people, sometimes 5 -10 people all with different breeds of dogs, along with my Shiba. So far he is playful, he sees my 13 year old Shiba as his superior. Everything he gets comes from me or my husband. We come through the door first, we leave first, we eat first, etc. so far he comes when I call, I allow him off leash and he does not stray. That may change as he gets older. He is strongly motivated by food. He is very affectionate, in that he likes to be near us but is not needy or whiny.

I think dog aggression comes from improper handling. Not socializing your dog as a puppy, not exercising them enough, and not understanding the needs of the breed. They are a working dog and need to be mentally and physically challenged. They thrive on positive reinforcement.

My son had a serious facial bite from a lab when he was 8 years old. I done fel all labs are agressive.
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