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Doberman Pinscher > Heart disease......what now?

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Very sorry to hear about Coop. I have a 9 yo female(Zoie) that is suffering from the same problem. It came on very sudden. Teat and xrays revealed enlarged heart and fluids in the lungs. My vet put her on IV diuretics and two heart medication. Zoie stayed in the clinic over night and came home the next morning. She is doing pretty well at this point. Night and day over the first night. The long term prognosis in not good. A good reference to learn more is the internet. I googles Dobierman Pinscher-heart disease and many sites came up. I learned a lot . None of it good news for Zoie. I know this doesn't help but it is the facts that dobie lovers have to face. According to the site I read 50% of all dobies are prone to DCI. Dialated Cardio myopathy. Good luck.
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