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I rescued a Plott Hound named Maggie about seven months ago. The best decision I ever made. I have had Walker hounds for years but found Maggie at animal control and had to have her. She is beautiful, friendly,smart and very out going. At first I thought Maggie was a lab/hound mix didn't know she was a Plott but after a few days with her I realized this is a HOUND! She likes to chew everything. Door facings, furniture, her dog house,the carpet. She would eat anything and I mean anything. From plastic to paper to dirt. She also loves the water. She plays in water all the time hot or cold outside. The most amazing trait about my Plott is she is SMART and loveable. She thinks she's a lap dog at 55 pounds. Her and my walker are best friends and get along great. Maggie loves to play and lick. She can also be a really bad wander. There are so many stories I could tell about Maggie. She loves adventure and loves to keep me going! Don't know what I would do about my Plott hound!
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