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Dog Health > Has anyone had problems with their pet getting cancer after taking Revolution?

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I am curious if there are other pet owners who have used Revolution and had to put their animals down at a young age due to developing cancer. I had two Labradors purchased from different places that were two years apart in age that both developed cancer at the age of seven. After doing some research I feel the common link was the change in flea medication, Revolution. One lab began having seizures within two weeks after I changed the medication. He ended up passing two years later from bone cancer. I recently put down my other lab after she began having issues with her hind legs. After further tests were done, she had cancer as well. Thinking back, she had suffered from leg tremors and over salivated. I find it strange that two unrelated dogs were both are diagnosed with cancer at the age of seven. I feel this medication is toxic and would love to hear if others have had issues as well.
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