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I have a 3 year old male Swissy that has had loose stool problems his whole life. I just assumed it was normal for him. He rarely has a good solid stool and it is often on the softer side. Over the past couple weeks I have noticed a few drops of blood in his stool at random times. I took a sample into the vet and all the test results came back negative, so I was able to rule out any parasites. I'm thinking a diet change is in order. He has been on Blue Buffalo his whole life and we recently switched to Innova (both have chicken as the main ingredient), with both he experienced the loose stool problems.

He isn't pooping excessively (about twice a day after each meal) and his whole life has seemed happy and healthy, so it was never cause for concern for us. But as I was researching the blood in his stool I came across many articles stating that loose stool is never a good thing and something should be done about it.

A few other abnormal things that have been happening lately is his eyes seem a little extra goopy and he has a yeast infection in his ear that we can't seem to get rid of. Signs of a food allergy perhaps?? Beside that he isn't showing any other side effects.

The problem I find with the Vet is that he isn't a Swiss Mountain Dog expert. Doing my own research I have found that loose stool can be a common problem in swissys.

So again, my question, has anyone else noticed this problem in their swissy? and what would be a good diet option to have him on?

Thank you!
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