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Zoe, Great post! I would argue though that there is a big benefit to providing certain vegetables to your dogs and it is also based in principle on the "prey model" concept. Considering that a wild carnivore such as a dog or wolf kills an animal what it goes for first....the organs and the stomach contents. Chances are, the stomach contents have pre and semi-digested vegetable matter in them. Domestic Dogs absolutely love this too. The key is to puree the vegetables which simulates what an herbivorous animal would do to what it eats. This is important because dogs lack the enzymes (amylase: as you mentioned in your post) to break down the cell walls of vegetables. Puree takes care of this. In fact, they get the puree and some of the juice from my own juicer (depending on what I'm juicing of course) and the pulp doesn't go to waste!
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