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Akita > my Akita is out of his mind


Barked: Sun Jun 29, '14 4:53am PST 
I did let him in a few times all he do it walk around and sit. I can't always let him in is because I have elderly at home.

Any in-put will help greatly

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Akita > my Akita is out of his mind

Barked: Sun Jun 29, '14 4:51am PST 
long story short

my two years old Akita, changed he behavior recently.
1, He would do anything to get in to the house, regardless he hurt himself doing it.

2, I tried everything I know nothing has worked!

3, Vet did a full work up on him, said he is as healthy as he could be.

Nothing environmental has changed, No diet change. I do my best on his exercise.

Dose anyone have any idea of what's going on here?

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Puppy Place > My 3 month Akita HELP!

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 11:19pm PST 
BTW new problems

1, im planning to shower him for the first time in this new house, any tips?

2, i think he is at a stage of wanting to bit things and ME! i understand is playful bits. but im concern few month down the road i might not be able to take a palyful bit from an akita? because right now. i can feel the sharp baby teeth he already has. in fact he doesn't like the chewing bone/toys i bought him. any advice?

3, potty training me hardest part of all experience. any effective ways we can share?

4, one of the most important things i do worry about is since he doesn't "come" to me if i were to take him outside/vet/walking/grooming, treats are not going to make him come to me, so i just have to carry him then?

thanks again for the advice. ill will keep posting.
btw his name is TURBO!big laugh
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Puppy Place > My 3 month Akita HELP!

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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 11:11pm PST 
first of all thanks for the reply.
i reason of this post is not because im an irresponsible dog owner and don't want to do my homework before i pick a breed i did had two dogs in the past,i reason i pick this breed is because it's personality and how it is so royal.
i post this is really because i really didn't know to to expect or what does "it's an independent dog“ means i just simply didn't know what kind of strong will i will be facing. i just didn't have the proper idea of what to expect.
i didn't think ppl will accuse me for been so irresponsible i was just asking for some experience from some Akita owner. i didn't expect to be blamed on what i did.

He is much better now after almost 4 days here. i left him all alone last night but i just cant stand the way he cries, it was a hard night for me. right now im trying to potty train him on the news paper. i still cant get a right timing on when him want to go, because he just doesn't seem to eat "on time".

now he know who am i and like you said willing to come to me WHENEVER HE WANTS which was totally unexpected. i thought he would come to me ALL THE TIME.. but oh well if that's how akita is, as long as he know im the "alpha" then im fine with that.

im running into new problems everyday and at the same time i fix old ones too. i post here is not because i don't know how to raise a dog, is simply because i know my AKITA (Turbo) is different. and that's why im here.

thanks again for the replies.

Regarding the breeder and the source of this dog i really didn't think is a problem i rather to bring this puppy home then leaving him with breeder who only wants to make $$$. my mind set as simple, i see this puppy, i like him, i can tell breeder is not been humane. so i want to take him out of there and have him a better life.
so when i said how i didn't like this breeder is doesn't mean i don't like the puppy nor the breed. how did i made myself look like an irresponsible dog owner.
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Puppy Place > My 3 month Akita HELP!

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '12 8:17pm PST 
My Akita was born on 6/26/2012, I just got him for about 2days. It doesn't seem to eat much. It wont respond to anything I say. He also doesn't like any treats i have for him. I ready don't know what to do and what to expect. whenever I try to walk with him on of off a leash , if he is in-front of me he walks around and if i walk a little faster in-front of him,he stops and sits on the floor. He does "play with me whenever he "feels like it" and when he don't, he just lays there.

He also drinks a lot of water and pee pee a lot but doesn't seem to eat much. i mix the pet food from his breeder and the one that i got him (wellness for puppies).

i kind of had a feeling his breeder didn't treat him very good and he have his own mind and do his own thing.

i really like this tiger strip Akita. i would do anything to make him like me. i pull two all-nighter just to be with him and not let him "cry", i don't know how many all-nighter i can keep on pulling before i my body can't take it. i do have a full time day job.

please give me some advice on how to train or be friend with him. am i too harsh on him?

i really need you all to help me. any info would be appreciated.

Thank you
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