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I have two female litter mates, 8 yrs old. The night of July 4th, 2012, my little one, Pearl, went tearing down the stairs. I saw a "weird" turn as she rounded the landing. 30 minutes later she was totally lame. Couldn't walk at all three hours later. I read on the web that recovery from this back thing requires surgery within 15 hours of symptoms presenting. Fortunately I live close enough to UC Davis Vet Teaching Hospital. I drove the two hours up there and arrived about 1-2:00am. (Years ago I had a Lab with hip dysplasia, then hit by a car; he went to Davis. Then my first Dachshund was hit by a car, pelvis broken in three places; she went to Davis) They kept her, and first thing in the morning she was anesthesized, radographed (x-rayed...? and they called me to tell me one of her dics had ruptured and it looked like two more were about to rupture, so she had back surgery. Pearl was there for a week. I spoke to the Vet and we agreed that for me to visit her may impede her recovery. She was to be quiet and still. The wonder, professional, kind staff at UC called me twice daily with her updates and progress. When I picked Pearl up, she had some 22 staples down her back. Was told strict crate rest, except for assisted pottying until her first check up two weeks later. We were fortunate in that Pearl retained her ability to potty on her own; that is to say, without my expressing her bladder, etc..I followed the Dr.'s instructions to the letter, even "rushing" her back to Davis when I thought she was not urinating. False alarm. We have been doing physical therapy, a few times professionally, now just at home. Eight weeks post-op Pearl can "ambulate" adequately for a short walk, and to potty and sun outside. They tell me she will walk again (she is!) and get better every day. She may never look normal like before, when she walks, but she will be happy and pain free.
I cannot tell you the wealth of information I acquired at UC Davis from the doctors and staff there. The day Pearl came in, three other dachshunds followed behind her. One of them on his second back-surgery after making a full recovery. The dog has been inbred so much for appearance, that if you could happily/successfully raise a dachshund in a crate, they could, and some would, still blow a disc! Their teeth are another serious concern. I cannot impart to you the level of experience and TOTAL professionalism I received from everyone at Davis. The level of kindness, and attention to the patient is superb! I wish I could go there for my medical needs. Wonderful people with decades of experience. They must perform thousands of these surgeries every year. I was confident in their abilities to help Pearl. And they did. If you have the money (and teaching hospitals are generally cheaper than your local vet, as well as offering a round-the-clock staff for your pet) for this kind of surgery, and the patience and time for the recovery process, it worked for us. My darling little Pearl is herself again. Thank you God and thank you everyone at UC Davis, Ca..
These little dogs require a lot of attention when they're well. When they are paralyzed/lame they are confused and unhappy and require so much more attention it can be daunting. They know when their bodies aren't working right. Get a good veterinarian. One with a lot of experience with Dachshunds and their specific problems. This is VERY important! Total crate rest is usually indicated if surgery is not an option for one reason or another. Total means TOTAL! Follow the doctor's instructions to the letter. And your little darling may be mobile again. If not, there are carts you can get online. Not cheap, but dogs do very well with them. Especially as opposed to never moving themselves again.
This can be a very heartbreaking experience. Hang in there!!! Be patient with yourself and your dog. You both can get through it.

God bless.
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