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I have a jindo puppy and I just want to tell you from an owner's perspective about Jindos~
First, I got her from South Korea when she was just 3 months and is doing well~
On websites and such, if you search Jindo they always say "strong-willed, have prey drive, etc" BUT!! From actually having a Jindo puppy I don't think that's really true.
Well, not all dogs are the same, but my puppy(currently 6 months) is very playful, funny, smart, and just plain adorable! (um...I guess that's pretty much the same as most dogs~ ha ha~)
There was no need to potty train her, because she knows that she can't "go" in the house, and unlike most dog owner's I didn't have to go through the "stay-awake-all-nighter" because I was afraid she'd have a potty accident.
People also say that Jindos are difficult to train because they're stubborn, but it's actually more easier than one might think.
I was able to teach her her name, sit, lay down, hand, high-five, play dead, roll over, and stay in only a month.(which, suprised me!!)
Does anyone have a jindo puppy too?
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