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Akita > If you owned this Akita, what would you do?

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1) At this age (adult) a dog of this size and strength, its a serious matter! I would consult a dog behaviorist ASAP!

Been before, been told he's a normal male Akita and I just need to manage it.

2) Nobody can advise anything serious on the internet, without assessing the dog, in person. However, from what you describe, it wasn't a full blown attack (fortunately), but an instinctive nip. As the dog's owner, its your responsibility not to fail him. By that I mean: why bring the dog to a dinner table full of attractions, when he cannot control himself? Keep him away from any potentially dangerous situations. Use a crate, kennel of feed the dog in a separate place when people eat.

I've calmed down a lot since I wrote that. Yes, it's my responsibility. I 100% accept that. I've decided he's not going anywhere. I just need to manage his food aggression and territorial aggression. He's absolutely fine with myself and my girlfriend. He's very well trained and very obedient, I can go to the vet with him and he's absolutely fine there too. (He does have a basket muzzle on there but better safe than sorry)

3) Now I read that your dog exhibited food aggression before! Why didn't you take necessary precaution? Its irresponsible on your part!

I did take necessary precaution as I prevented an attack. I thought he was fine with the pack hierarchy but he clearly has an issue with my dad which is fine; the solution now is not to bring him over there anymore. I assumed he would have been ok in that situation like before but obviously it was the wrong thing to do.

4) Is he still intact?

Yes, he is. I was going to show him which is why I initially kept him intact, I did a lot of research also and wasn't convinced that neutering would help with the territorial aggression and the food aggression (with strangers)
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Akita > If you owned this Akita, what would you do?

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Long story Bear is now 2 years and 4 months old.

I've had an incident with my dog previously as seen here;

We were in my parents house and there was chicken on the table, i saw his over excitement in his eyes and knew he was one to watch so I had him close to me all the time. He felt he was guarding me potentially but my dad (who he knows well) came over to pet him and my dog went for him snarling, I pulled him back by the collar and he turned and bit me on the arm. Through my jumper, he didn't break skin, he just scratched my skin. It was basically redirected aggression.

My dad (who is 83) is obviously incredibly pissed @ the dog and has said to me that "If you weren't there, your dog would have savaged me" and my dog would have, I can't deny it.

Anyway I'm not defending my dog, I want you to tell me what to do as I can't think straight right now.

What do I do in this situation? Do I give him away? Do I bring him to the vet to put him down? I'm at a loss here. Nobody will want to re-home him because of his food aggression.
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Akita > Dog Boarding - Muzzle Ok?

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Hi All

I've an amazing Akita called Bear, he's 16 months old and will do everything I tell him to do. The problem is he won't do it for other people/or people he doesn't trust. He's going to a boarding kennel soon and he's been there before but they don't understand him or pay too much attention to the notes I leave them! And last time, he had a sore paw, they went to put a harness on him and he bit the guy on the arm.

Long story short, I'm going away with work for the week and I want to know is it ok for my Akita to have a big basket muzzle on (one he can eat and drink out of) for the week whilst I'm not around as I don't want to come back to another incident.

He loves to chew but if it means he can't chew for a week and nobody gets bitten then I'm happy. They don't have a lot of akitas and don't know how to handle him to be completely honest.
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Akita > 11 month old akita attack

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Hello All

I've had my male Akita (still intact) for the past 11 months now, I got him from a reputable breeder with an excellent reputation for breeding akitas. He's turning into a really great dog, his temperament is excellent, he's great with other dogs and people once he knows them. He's well trained (ok recall off leash because of his aloofness but does come back and doesn't venture too far ahead)

Once we are outside of the property, anyone can pretty much pet him without fail. He is very sketchy with strangers in or around the property and can be very stand offish but when I'm there too, he accepts them albeit reluctantly.

But I wouldn't be here asking this question if he was the most perfect dog in the world so I'd love to have your advice about a situation which occurred this time last week.

My brother was over visiting from the UK (who has met the dog a few times in the past year but would still be considered a stranger to the dog) and was about to walk into an area where the dog was eating and attacked him and bit his arm. Thankfully no major damage, just a tetanus shot required and no stitching, it just needed to be bandaged.

It's very frustrating because just before I fed the dog, I said to myself "I need to close the kitchen door to stop anyone from coming in when the dog is eating as he'll get really bothered if anyone walks in" - literally 10 seconds later, the attack had happened when my brother was about to rush into the kitchen. I think the dog got a fright, thought my brother was going to eat his food and went for him. The whole incident was over in about 8 seconds. I grabbed the dog, scruffed him by the neck, told him "NO" very firmly and put him outside for ten minutes until I brought my brother to the hospital.

I was in shock over the incident as my dog was really aggressive defending his food. I don't know if it's called food aggression because I can give food to anyone (stranger or not) and they can make the dog sit and stay before eating. I believe the dog got extremely protective because he eats in a small enough area, he eats out of his bowls which he has eaten out of since he was 10 weeks old and he eats in the exact same area of the kitchen every day for the past 11 i believe it was a territorial attack more than anything else which was spiked by the fact that he was eating. I do remember in the past that the dog would get agitated when strangers went into his eating area (kitchen) even when he wasn't eating, he'd be uncomfortable and would pace and whine a little bit if people were going into this particular area so I firmly believe he is just extremely protective of the kitchen where he eats because feeding time is such a big deal for akitas.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the situation. I just want the best outcome for the dog and I've worked so hard to get him to the level he is currently at.
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