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Could someone please tell me how I could get a dog a registered for a service dog. I live in alaska. I am doing alot of research and possibly thinking about getting pound puppy so I can train him also I have little pom as well and working on training him so I can have him with me at work. PTSD is not fun. I hate the anxiety that affects my life. lately the shakes from it have been getting worse. I just tell people i'm really cold so they don't ask if I am ok. I hate trying to hide this but I don't need to be asked a few thousand times a day. I want to function like normal people with out this disorder. I am going to talk to my Therapist and see what she thinks about this before I bring it up with my boss. I am on disability already and would like to get off this if at all possible for me. People don't understand I guess that if we who have anxiety, ptsd, and depression don't want to be this way. So if anyone has any information that would help me out I would greatly appreciate a responce. Thank you.
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