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Don't know why I'm writing here, think I'm just looking for a group who understands how hard it can be.

My 1 year old bullmastiff, Harley, died last Friday.

I had only owned him for 5 months, he had been mistreated when I got him, and wasn't in great shape, scared and nervous.

After a couple of months he had become more confident, put on weight so he was a healthy dog again. He was so loving, all he wanted was to be close to myself and my girlfriend.

He was infallibly trusting, of us, of our friends, of everyone he met. Everyone who met him loved him.

Then last friday he was left in the hallway with all the doors to other rooms closed as normal, with his toys, bowl, bed etc, while I walked my girlfriend to the railway station.

While I was out, he shouldered his way into the spare bedroom (presumably to lie on the bed), where the window was open. We think a pigeon or something landed on the window sill and he jumped at it to chase it.

When I got home I found him in the garden below, still and cold. It is breaking my heart so much to not have him around.

The fact that it was such a freak accident makes it worse, it just makes it seem so senseless that my lovely pup could have died through such an unlucky event.

I miss everything about him, from his dribbling all over anything he rested his big silly head on, to when he came to sit at my feet, leaning back to look at me and lick my face.

I really can't bear having him gone. My place seems empty and off without him. Again, just knowing it was a freak accident makes it worse, I could of understood him being hit by a car etc.

I feel silly because I'm a grown man, but I loved that silly boy so much, I can't pull myself together, all I want is to see him again.
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