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Mikey is my slight crazy 4 y.o chi x silky terrier. We adopted him when he was 9 month old and since that first month we had issues with him randomly throwing up and having diarrhea. After numerous trips to the vet over the past few years and antibiotics and been told he had virus's we finally found a vet who said mikey most likely has food sensitivities. She recommended science diet but he refuses to eat it. So I have been cooking him minced up chicken breast and pasta or rice and other weeks beef mince with rice or pasta. He has been so much better since coming of processed stuff but I worry he isn't getting all the nutrients he needs. Dose anyone have some recipes that aren't to rich (kangaroo mince) and fatty, as they seem to be his main trigger to been sick. Any advice would be awesome smile thanks so much smile *oh he does eat lucky dog dry food, not that much as he's not keen on it but it's the only one he will eat. I've spent a small fortune on different dry foods for him but the crazy little chap won't have a bar of it! smile*
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