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Here is a link from Dogswell. This post is not true... Everybody is getting on the hype bandwagon. I don't want anyone's dog to have any medical issue but if your going to make a claim... You need to back it up before you accuse... Just saying. Not a fan of any products from China which is why I refuse to shop at Wal-mart.... They are the biggest importer of products from China ... Are we encouraging people to shop elsewhere... You should. Check this link out-

UPDATE: The post on "Poisoned Pets" and other blog sites identifying DOGSWELL treats as harmful is FALSE. We have tried contacting the author, Mollie Morrissette, to no avail. She has deleted our comments and refused to issue a retraction despite being shown test results proving the VITALITY Veggie Life treats contain no pesticides or contaminants. We ask you to call us directly if you have any concerns or questions about DOGSWELL products. We're here until 5:30 PM PST Mon-Fri  888-559-8833.

Why did the FDA issue a warning related to chicken jerky treats?
DOGSWELL® appreciates the FDA’s preemptive health notification about chicken treats. We feel this will bring needed attention and education to pet parents. High protein treats (like chicken jerky) are to be used in moderation and should not replace a complete and balanced meal. We advise you adhere to the recommended feeding instructions on the back of our DOGSWELL® treats for the best intended use.

Are any of your products being recalled?
No. DOGSWELL® products have not been implicated in the recent cases. In fact, DOGSWELL® has never experienced a recall. Our high quality standards and extensive testing have always produced healthy, safe products that you and your pet can feel good about.

How do you prevent salmonella from contaminating your jerky products?
The DOGSWELL® facility is specifically designed to prevent any cross contamination. Salmonella is one of the easiest contaminants to prevent. Salmonella is killed after 23 seconds at 160 degrees. We ensure that that all of our poultry jerky products are cooked at 160 degrees for ten hours. While some manufacturers choose a quicker “flash cooking process” to irradiate their products, DOGSWELL® has chosen the slow-cooking method to provide a clean, safe treat.

Where are your products manufactured?
Most DOGSWELL® products are manufactured in the US. Some of our treats are manufactured in China, but we hold these facilities to the same stringent quality standards we maintain at our US facilities. We don't determine our source country for ingredients based solely on the country of origin; we find the best quality ingredient combined with the highest quality supplier and testing specifications.

Why are the jerky treats made in China?
China is a country where dark meat is more popular due to its inherent fat and flavor. DOGSWELL® believes it is less wasteful to obtain our white meat in China where it is abundant, rather than sourcing it domestically, where white meat is less available and held at a premium. Not only do we care about your pet's health by sourcing only the healthiest meat available, we also practice sustainability by reducing as much waste as possible.

How do you guarantee the safety of your products?
We can assure you that all DOGSWELL® products are safe. Our manufacturing facilities are designed to prevent cross-contamination and all of our products are manufactured under strict sanitary conditions. We closely monitor these facilities, and also regularly visit them to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Our co-packing plants operate under HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a system for managing food safety. Also, U.S. - based Third Party Food Safety Auditors make announced and unannounced visits to the audit all food safety and quality systems in which our facilities have always received high scores.

How do you test your products?
Every batch of DOGSWELL® product is tested for melamine, bacteria and other contaminants. Tests have never revealed any contamination. All of our ingredients are carefully chosen and we conduct regular testing in U.S. facilities using APPA-approved methodology. Quality assurance is critically important and has been part of our standard operating procedure, and an integral part of our company, since day one. Please see below for a link to our test results.

What is the Cage-Free Difference?
Cage-free chickens are kept in barns where they can roam, scratch and perch as they please. Our chickens eat a natural diet, have plenty of room to roam, and live and grow free of stress.

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