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I'm a first time Great Dane owner. I love my big baby and I want to be sure I'm doing all I can for him and his health. I've been feeding him Purina One large breed puppy (he's a year and two months) but I noticed that he's been losing weight. The most he's been is 104 lbs. I take him in monthly to get him weighed and to buy him heartgard. (I'd figure it'd be better to buy single doses of heartgard since I've heard that they don't stop growing until a year and a half or two years) These past few months he started dropping the weight, he is now down to 98 lbs. I've been taking him to the dog park alot more recently also I should add. 3-4 times a week 1-2 hours. My questions is, When should I stop feeding him large breed puppy? Is the Purina brand a good brand? I've been told that he is buring through it because it has alot of fillers. He's buring off too many calories with his filller foods that's why he's been losing weight.. What are good foods for big baby??? Help me(:
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