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Raw Food Diet > Concerned that feeding a ground raw food with bone does not mimic how wolves would consume bone!

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hey thank you for your input!
what's interesting is the bone that wolves consume ends up being wrapped up in fur supposedly and then passes unharmed through digestive system; i'm just not so sure feeding bone in a ground form would be wise for dogs.
I just want to be safe!
I know this topic is a bit pointless as unless more people study wolves and live with them, and not only people like Mech, etc., it will be awhile before science discovers if bone in this form is problematic or not.
It's an interesting concept I am trying to convey, it involves the fact that if the wolves are just sort-of crunching down on the bones and ingesting large, large pieces, and these pieces then pass through and come out other end, taking these large pieces and mincing them down to a grind is not going to be the same thing. Maybe the bones aren't really meant to even be ingested, it's just something the wolves do stupidly, but the fur protects them from it.

In any case my plan for now is to stick with boneless raw formulas and offer my dogs whole prey bones from tiny, tiny 8-10 oz game birds once in a while. I am not comfortable feeding larger bones due to risk of perforation and even these game bird bones freak me out with how sharp and pointy they can be. I will only feed the softest, most pliable bones from the bird and skip the pointier ones.
This way I can offer my dogs bone in a form their ancestors ate and just in case ground bone is problematic I am safe!
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Raw Food Diet > Concerned that feeding a ground raw food with bone does not mimic how wolves would consume bone!

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Hi I currently am feeding my dogs a pre-mixed raw food as part of their nutrition regimen, sometimes Primal or Bravo!
I'm just not so sure raw bones in the ground form are nutritious for dogs.
Wolves do not eat bone in that form so I'm questioning if this could cause calcium/phosphorus issues down the line.
My point is these pre-made raw mixes are using bones from large animals, it isn't like these are ground chicken bones, these are ground beef and lamb bones, bones that wolves in their natural habitat would not be able to break down with their teeth (of course I do not know this for sure, but it's my fear.) I know it's often said wolves will devour the whole carcass and only a few pieces will be left over, for example the larger bones, some fur, etc. I'm just not so sure they would be able to break down the bones from larger animals like that.

I just don't want to feed bones in this form if it wasn't something wolves could consume naturally.

What are your thoughts?
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Dog Health > Kidney Disease dog not eating!!

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Hey I am not a vet and have no medical background but thought this could give some inspiration and hope!
My dog is in beginning to mid stages kidney disease too and after reading this anecdote of a woman whose dog was healed eating raw it gave me a burst of hope!

If you just read the first couple paragraphs she describes how her dog was given diagnosis of kidney disease, the next days she started raw and her dog ended up living 8 more years!
I find it pretty hard to believe this would be made up or inflated.

I actually am very excited because my dog ate raw shrimp today. I had offered raw in the past and it was really hit or miss but she 100% went after it today and I can't wait to start this raw journey and see if it will help.

Let me know what you think after reading, I'm sorry you are going through this.
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