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Jack Russell Terrier > big help needed with my Jack Russel

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Hi, I've a Jack Russell and she's about 1 now. I got her about 3 and a half months ago!
she follows me around everywhere, sits under my feet or on my knee, and although its lovely to give her a cuddle, it's a little worrying that she wont let me out of her sight? she even sits in the hall way when I'm in the kitchen and watches me until I'm finished?

she used to chew and scratch at the doors when I was out, until one day, I left her body harness on and theres no scratches!

she's pretty aggressive outside of the house, she barks at every single person that passes us, and she's even worse with other dogs, and she pulls like mad when I'm taking her for a walk!

any advice would be gratefully received, thanks..
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