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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Too difficult and time consuming to rescue or adopt

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Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 3:01pm PST 
I have owned dogs since I could first walk. My dogs have all had wonderful lives. I have also adopted children. It is easier to adopt a child than it is to adopt a dog.

The Humane Society (where I used to volunteer) is so picky and judgemental that I wouldn't consider them. Local rescue groups have adoption forms that are pages long,plus home visits and background searches. I GET IT..I know they want to be sure...but call the person's vet, interview the prospective adopter, let them interact with the dog ... or at least list your criteria so we know whether we're going to pass your particular screening..

My friends have given up and gone to the regular classified (yes, backyard breeders) because the process is so awful. I feel the same way. Oddly, when I try to contact local breeders to inquire about buying a "good" dog, they don't call back.

This type of interrogation and judgement makes the world a nice place for irresponsible breeders. They don't make you jump thru hoops. They just want your money.

There are over 3000 dogs listed for adoption between mid Wisconsin and northern Illinois. These dogs sit there while someone arbitrarily decides if you are worthy. That is BS!
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Dachshund > Spine problems

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Well, it finally happened. My doxie has developed some undefined spine problem. We are $1500 dollars into diagnostics and meds and still no definitive answer. Frankly we are financially tapped out and now they want to do an MRI and maybe a spinal tap...and probably some future surgery. This is the worst choice I have ever had to make. Considering contacting a rescue and re-homing him with a family who can afford his care.It's a crappy choice.

We are on a fixed income and even tho we have part time jobs - it isn't going to help. Hubby won't consider Care Credit cause he hates revolving payment plans.

Any thoughts?
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Dachshund > Could my 'Shawty' refusal to eat after a spanking be a result of pouting?

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II were your dog I would bite you. You don't HIT dogs. You train them. Shame shame shame on you.
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