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Behavior & Training > Please help. Escape artist.


Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 6:48pm PST 
I have a dog that I'am supposed to foster until she calms down. She is a brittany spaniel and his highly athletic. She actually clears my fence with a couple of jumps and its 6 ft tall. She used to be a hunting dog so if she sees a bird fly over the fence she goes after it. It almost an acre yard and to put an underground fence in would be tedious work. So is there something like the underground fence but can just attach to the existing 6 ft fence? I have heard of the no wire fence but one draw back is that it says that it may not work on a sloping yard. And mine slopes down towards the lake. She has been hit by a car and has not learned from her ordeal to stay in the yard. Any suggestions. Oh and She digs under the fence too if she is too lazy to jump.

PS. she is walked, taken to the beach and gets alot of exercise so its not her being bored for she does it even after a trip from the beach. She just thinks a fence should be jumped.
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Bulldog > Thinking of getting a bulldog. . .
Ying Yang

Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 3:57pm PST 
I've been considering an english bulldog for my household but I just can not seem to decide. I have done days of research on the breed and from all the books I'm reading they really do not explain the possible health issues of bulldogs. The main ones they list are heart conditions, arthoritis, displasia, slipping knea cap, bloat, eye (cherry eye) and eye lid problems. But is that is? It seems so few compared to every TV show and forum discussing bulldogs saying "So many health issues"

Other than the health issues I know everything else about a bulldog. About cleaning wrinkles, cleaning the tail pocket, don't do to well in excessive heat or cold (indoor only dog), swim like a brick (Even though I have seen some that can), not a long walk kind of dog, drooling, passing gas and etc.

I wanted to get info from owners of bulldogs for possible health issues that are not listed in my books. Maybe if you know of a good book to recomend let me know. I just don't want to get one and then find out I can't handle it.
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Food & Nutrition > Anyone else concerned about Procter & Gamble buying Natura Pet Foods?


Barked: Sat Sep 18, '10 7:48pm PST 
I've just read up on online on many websites that Natura Pet Foods company (the makers of Innova, Evo, California Naturals, Healthwise & Karma) has been purchased by Procter & Gamble(the makers of Iams and Eukanuba)

History of problems.
In 1999, P&G purchased the Iams Company, which included the Eukanuba dog food brand. Iams and Eukanuba used to be a well respected brand. Shortly after the purchase there were some changes in the ingredience causing numerous accounts of dogs and cats suddenly developing various health issues and dog food allergies -- from diarrhea to intense itching, brittle and poor quality coats, skin rashes, hot spots, and even blown coats.

The packaging remained unchanged, and no notification was given to retailers, pet owners or vets. (Note: Pet food companies are not required to list ingredient changes on dog food labels for 6 months -- a legal loophole for P&G).-taken from

Is Innova, Evo, California Naturals & Karma next?

web sites to read.

Or look up Procter & Gamble buys Natura Pet Foods.

I hate to say it but I'am switching off of Innova once my 2 bags are done because I will not risk what may happen to this food. Is anyone else concerned or am I too paranoid?
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