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Barked: Wed Aug 31, '11 5:49pm PST 
My basset hound Floppy is 9 1/2 now and she is still very active and loves her KibblesnBits (Homestyle). I have noticed her slowing just a little when she comes up the steps on the back deck. She has to be the most active basset hound I have ever seen. Her first couple of years was her being confined to a very small dog pen. When I got her we built her a large dog lot and let her out everyday to let her run and play with the other dogs (She will not sleep if she is not locked behind a gate, before someone snaps at me for her being in a dog lot. Her dog lot is the entire back yard we spent $2000 fencing in an area for her). She has been with us for 7 1/2 yrs she has gone from 24 lbs to 50 lbs but she is not a small dog. The vet says she is very healthy and in great shape. I worry that her time is limited with me but who knows she could live manymore years. We had another basset hound Elvis that lived to be 13 yrs old.

I would like to know who has older basset hounds and how old they are. I would love for my baby to live as long I do but I know that will never happen. I know I should not be so attached to a dog but she is like one of my children.

Her beautiful brown markings on her face a slowing turning gray.
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